We have created a special jewellery collection showcasing the brightest gems in the Universe.
With Eternity Soaring Hearts & Arrows Amora gems and diamonds, the hardest minerals in the world, your jewellery will be unique.




Eternity Soaring Amora gem & Brilliants
Adon offers you the new generation of Amora Gems, the Eternity Soaring Hearts&Arrows Amora gem, the most brilliant gem on Earth in combination with brilliants.

Brilliant decision
Let us help you to make the brilliant decision. Special opportunities needs breathtaking jewel.

Luxury Gift
Adon is luxury brand from the first to the last detail. Our custom packaging is our small thank you for your purchase.

Adon Worldwide
Wherever you are, we will find the fastest way how to deliver Adon Jewellery to you.

Adon is the only brand in the jewellery business, that offers a jewellery collection with Eternity Soaring Hearts&Arrows Amora gem & brilliants.
Eternity Soaring Hearts&Arrows Amora gems are the most brilliant gems on earth and this is why we can proudly say that Adon is the most sparkling jewellery brand in the world.
Special occasions call for special jewellery! Let us help you create a unique engagement ring for your special occasion.

We are authorized Amora Gems distributors


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The new Eternity Soaring Hearts&Arrows Amora gem
By far the Most Brilliant Gem ever!

- All certificates 1.000.001 and higher are Soaring Hearts & Tiger cut Amora Gems
- Is an Amora gem enhaced moissanite? No! Amora gem is not an enhanced Forever One
- New nano-metric polishing process
- 64 facet vertical girdle / 4 girdle facets per crown facet, just like H&A natural diamonds
- The arrows are closer to the usual H&A diamond style, but the angles were uniquely developed using the world's best modeling software to maximize the fire and brilliance
- TIGER cut with micron level precision
- Eye visible improvement to Ultra Hearts&Arrows cut / „Richer „ in appearance vs. the original Ultra Hearts&Arrows


Amora Gems 6C

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