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The Adon Jewellery brand is committed to quality and excellence.
Creating new trends and innovation are core to who we have become as fine diamond specialists.

Let us introduce you to our  new flawless jewellery collection.

Sirius Ring

Paris Ring

Dione Ring

Desire Ring


New Fashion in the City

We have created for you special jewellery collection bringing you the brightness gem in the Universe. With Amora gems and diamonds, the hardest minerals in the World.

Adon is the only brand in jewellery business, who offer the jewellery collection set up with  Eternity Amora gem & brilliants.

Trend-setting style for any occasion
Cutting edge fashion for every taste and eye.

Timeless and captivating.


Sarin Ring Adon Jewellery


The World Most Brilliant

Brilliant | Captivating | Exquisite
Adon delivers stunning new designs that will turn heads. Central to our jewellery collection, the Eternity Amora Gem is rarer than diamonds and achieves beauty and elegance for a fraction of the price. Welcome to Adon.

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Propose with Adon

Nothing says ``I love you`` like an Adon engagement ring.

The Amora Gem

10% more brilliance, 200% more fire than natural diamonds.

Amora Gem & Diamonds

Adon is the first brand to use the Amora Gem combined with diamonds in our stunning new jewellery collection.

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Amora Gems

Top of the Range

The Amora Gem is a million times rarer than natural diamonds. We source the best available Eternity Amora Gems on the market
and offer them exclusively to you.

Color: D | E | F
Clarity: IF | VVS1 | VVS2 | VS1
Only true colorless, flawless gems are used at Adon.

Eternity Amora Gem 6C

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Together & Forever

Custom Ring & Jewellery

Have your own design in mind? We would be delighted to work with you to create a custom piece to make your (and your loved one’s) dreams come to life.

All Shapes and Sizes

The Amora Gem costs the fraction of a standard diamond. From dainty to dramatic, choose the ring that best suits you.

An Enduring Legacy

Adon jewellery is crafted to endure the test of time. An Adon heirloom can provide a legacy of brilliance for generations to come.

Stand out from the crowd

Be bold. Be fashion-forward. Be one of the first to own a rare Amora Gem.


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Adon is not just a brand; we are a community. Be a part of our shared story. If you have a beautiful story about your proposal or other special occasion, please share it with us.

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I absolutely love my ring!! It took a few weeks to wait for the perfect Amora Gem that I wanted, but Adon team was so patient and helpful through the entire process. I ordered the "Alcor" style ring, it is so beautifully constructed. I will definitely be recommending Adon Jewellery to others.


Absolutely love the Sirius engagement ring I bought, such a beautiful ring and such great service. I would definitely buy again. The service and the attention to detail to ensure I got the ring was impeccable. Absolutely love it!


I ordered the hearts necklace for Valentine's Day. It was absolutely beautiful. The service was amazing, I couldn't believe they were able to get it to me so rapidly! Great Job, she will receive it tonight! (Easy to order, easy to pay, easy to track, right on time, and exactly as we discussed)