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Adon was established in 2014 when the Amora Gem was first introduced to the market. The beauty and clarity of this revolutionary new gem inspired us to create a collection of pieces that would accentuate its natural brilliance.

Since the first moment and first jewellery we did a few years ago we felt the passion, uniqueness and exceptionality. This Adon story has started as a pure desire for something rare, rarer than diamond itself that the World has never seen before.

We started doing custom designs according to meet our customer dreams. However, the first Adon jewellery collection came soon and it was very exciting for us seeing the World first jewellery collection using Amora, the most brilliant gem as central gem, aside diamonds and we immediately knew, that is what we want to do and share our passion with our customers. Moreover, it was a fascinating feeling to be the first person in the city, in the country, who had the Amora Gem.

We Create Trends!


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ADON Jewellery

Amora gem – The True Gem of Love

Amora is environmentally friendly and conflict-free gem, encompasses the purity and beauty of love more than traditional old-fashion diamonds. Diamonds companies spend astronomical amounts for marketing campaigns and promotion, while Amora gem customers are looking for the gem itself because they heard about it´s beauty and price availability. You are not doing a compromise; you are choosing more gorgeous gem, which costs a fraction of the diamond price and is still much, much rare than diamond.  That i why the Amora gem can be considered as the new, TRUE GEM OF LOVE.