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Adon Jewellery’s story began in 2014 with our discovery of the Amora gem. We knew this unique gem deserved its own brand so Adon Jewellery was created to exclusively offer this brilliant gem in a special jewellery collection.


Have you ever wanted a diamond but without the hefty price tag? Now’s your chance to own a gem that has more reflectiveness than a diamond, is tougher than a diamond and can be cut to offer the same brilliance as a diamond at a considerably lower cost.


Each environmentally friendly, lab-created luxury gem is made and set by hand by our skilled professionals to match your specific design. Amora gems are in limited supply so Adon Jewellery is building its collection at a slow pace, which makes your own Amora gem even more exclusive.


Not only do we produce each jewel to the highest standard but we also offer exceptional customer service, making you feel as special as your new gem. Be a trendsetter and the first among your friends to own an Amora gem. Wear your jewel with pride and follow the Adon Jewellery motto of showcasing “New Fashion in the City”.



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Amora gem – The True Gem of Love

Amora is environmentally friendly and conflict-free gem, encompasses the purity and beauty of love more than traditional old-fashion diamonds. Diamonds companies spend astronomical amounts for marketing campaigns and promotion, while Amora gem customers are looking for the gem itself because they heard about it´s beauty and price availability. You are not doing a compromise; you are choosing more gorgeous gem, which costs a fraction of the diamond price and is still much, much rare than diamond.  That i why the Amora gem can be considered as the new, TRUE GEM OF LOVE.