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Before you decide to buy a ring, you need to know the correct ring size. Please check the chart below, which can help you to buy the right ring size.

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Each Adon order contains:

–  Amora Gem (central gem set in jewellery)
–  Amora Gem Certificate
–  Additional gems (if part of the product) + certificate
–  Luxury jewellery box with Adon logo
–  Luxury paper bag with Adon logo
–  Invoice (please keep safe)
–  Complimentary gift
– Unmarked solid white box (without any description)

pack[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”What is the difference between Amora Gem vs. Diamond?”]

Gem properties Diamond Amora Gem
Atomic composition 99.99% carbon 50% carbon, 50% silicon
Brilliance (flashes of white light 2.417 2.66 – 2.71
Fire (flashes of colored light) .044 .104+
Hardness (resistance to scratching) 10 9.25 – 9.5
Toughness (resistance to chipping, breakage) Good-Excellent Excellent
H&A cut (H&A is the ultimate in round cutting) Rarely Always
Conflict-free (conflict diamonds are diamonds sold by armed groups to fund weapons purchases) Typically Always
Graded under GIA diamond standards Typically Always
Environmentally friendly Varies Always
Rarity Common One Million times rarer than Diamond

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We produce high quality jewellery that lasts generations. Each Adon product is a unique piece of craftsmanship, which requires a little help to stay in pristine condition. All jewellery, especially when worn everyday, must be cleaned. It may be not be necessary to use a professional ultrasonic cleaner – surprisingly, the most efficient methods of cleaning jewellery are often also the easiest.

To clean your jewellery at home is very simple and easy. All you need is an old toothbrush, dishwashing detergent, hot water and a small plastic or glass bowl. Add a few drops of dishwashing detergent into the bowl filled with hot water, mix it and let your jewellery soak in it for at least 5 minutes. Take one item out, dip the toothbrush into the same liquid and gently scrub the surface set with gemstones and all the cavities and crevices, where the dirt usually accumulates. Do the same from the inside, especially around the gemstones, to remove dirt from the lower facets of the gemstones, as they are essential for good reflection of light. All jewellery can be cleaned this way, but jewellery with organic substances such as pearls, corals and amber should be cleaned in much colder water, no more than 40 degrees Celsius. The same applies to jewellery set with emeralds, as they are all treated with oil. You can repolish your jewellery at home too, using your toothpaste on a soft cloth soaked slightly with water. Rub the item gently for about 30 seconds, but avoid touching the gemstones, because toothpaste contains small abrasive particles. After cleaning and polishing your jewellery, give them a good rinse under running water and dry them with soft tissue paper or a piece of cloth.[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”Shipping & Insurance”]

Each shipment is sent by FedEx (Priority) and is automatically insured for its value.
We do not cover import tax to customer destination. Please see the chart below with approximate import tax to select destinations.

Import duty & taxes for Gemstones and jewellery

Import to country MFN duty rate Sales tax
Australia 0,00% 15,00%
United States 0,00% Depends on state (5-7% average)
United Kingdom 0,00% 20,00%
Canada 0,00% Depends on province
Russian Federation 15,00% 18,00%
Philippines 3,00% 12,00%
New Zealand 0,00% 15,00%
Maldives 25,00% No sales tax
China 8,00% 17,00%
Ukraine 2,00% 20,00%

Ask us: If you have any questions regarding your order or any of the products on the Adon online store, please email us: info@adonjewellery.com
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If you are not 100% satisfied with our product; we are willing to refund you the full amount (excluding shipping fees, taxes etc.).

Paid Amount: USD 1500,-
Transfer fee (PayPal) is about 3.5% from total amount – USD 52. 50
Transport costs (FedEx) to you and then back to us: USD 190,-
Total refund amount: USD 1257.50

Please note that all these are only the real costs, which are related to payment and delivery – we do not charge any amount for a refund.
We do not refund import tax to customer destinations.

The refund terms are binding for all products from Adon collection.
The refund is not binding for custom made jewellery and designs, which was agreed to by the customer.

The refund shipping process is very easy! We will prepare all required documents and send this to you via your email. Please print each document 4-times and sign. Then, provide us with the collection address (so that FedEx can pick up the shipment) and a suitable collection time. We will then send you a confirmation with information detailing the collection of your shipment.

The shipment must contain:
–  original undamaged and clear jewellery box
–  original undamaged jewellery in perfect condition with gem certificates (Amora Gem; diamonds)

Ask us: If you need additional help or further clarification of our Return Policy, please email us: info@adonjewellery.com[/ppmtoggle][ppmtoggle title=”VAT 21% (vallue add tax)”]

VAT 21% (Value Added Tax)
This tax is not valid for customers from United States, Canada, Australia, Hong-Kong, Singapore, China, Russia and other countries, which are not part of the European Union.

This tax must be paid by the customer, who lives (delivery address) in a member state of European Union, like United Kingdom, Spain, France, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Finland and others.

Ask us: If you need additional help or further clarification of VAT matters, please email us: info@adonjewellery.com[/ppmtoggle][/ppmaccordion]