ETERNITY Amora Gem 1.03ct E - IF

ETERNITY Amora Gem 1.03ct E – IF


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Amora Gem Eternity H&A Round 1.03ct 
Cut: Hearts&Arrows Round  | Cut Grade: Super Ideal
Color: E | Clarity: IF

Vertical faceted girdle (64 facets)
Measurements: 6.51mm-6.55mm X 4.00mm
Certificate No.: 9001193 Delivery time: 9-11 working days
Shipping: Full insured FedEx Priority

Every Amora Gem Ultra comes with a full independent diamond-style grading report from NAGL laboratory.
The parameters for ideal optical performance as calculated for a refractive index of 2.71

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Dimensions 26 x 16 x 6 cm


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