Eternity Super Ideal Amora Gem

Oval Cut H&A Amora Gem

Oval Cut H&A Amora Gem


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Amora Gem Eternity H&A Round 2.25ct 
Cut: Hearts&Arrows Round  | Cut Grade: Super Ideal
Color: E | Clarity: VS1

Measurements: 8.89mm-6.95mm X 5.48mm
Certificate No.: 9001822 | Delivery time: 3-5 working days
Shipping: Full insured FedEx Priority

Never seen the Amora gem before? Click HERE to watch a short Amora Gem Youtube video.

Every Amora Gem Ultra comes with a full independent diamond-style grading report from NAGL laboratory.
The parameters for ideal optical performance as calculated for a refractive index of 2.71

About Amora Gem

Amora Gem Certificate
Each Amora gem is a unique gem with own measurements and properties. It undergoes the same grading process as a natural diamond and has its own gem-grading certificate with all gem properties clearly stated.

Amora is the first gem to have eclipsed diamond in almost every measure. It naturally occurs as stardust around large stars, and is formed in extreme conditions that would easily vaporise a standard diamond. The Amora Gem has never before been available on Earth – until now.


More brilliant than diamond | More fire than diamond
9.5 Hardness | Vertical faceted girdle (64 facets)
100% Conflict Free | Better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
Eternity Round Amora Gem has 57 facets (just like a H&A diamond)



The Amora Gem is the first and only lab-grown gem to surpass diamond in brilliance, toughness, fire, rarity and lustre, while matching the World’s most valuable white diamonds with up to D color and internally flawless clarity. Based on the last 10 years of natural diamond production vs. Amora Gem production, the Amora is over 1 million times rarer than diamond. The Amora Gem is composed of 50% carbon and 50% silicon, and only grows in star-like conditions that would vaporise a standard diamond.


Additional information

Dimensions 26 x 16 x 6 cm


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