This is Amora – the superior gem.



Dear customers, allow us to introduce you to the next generation of gemstones. The revolution is about to happen, right in front of your eyes!

Amora is a naturally occurring crystal which forms around very large carbon-rich stars. It grows in extremely high temperatures which would quickly vaporise diamonds. Diamonds also require high temperatures to form and are only present on the earth in rare quantities close to the earth’s core. It is this rarity which has led to diamonds becoming the most prized gems on earth.

But did you know that Amora gems are older than planet earth itself? This rare mineral has never actually been available on earth until now. It’s rarer than diamond and must be formed in a lab by creating star-like conditions.

H&A Cutting

The way a gem is cut is incredibly important. Some experts estimate that 98% of the brilliance of a gemstone is controlled by the way the stone has been cut.

Hearts & Arrows technique is the nadir of cutting for natural diamonds, but less than 2% of naturally-occurring diamonds are ever cut to this level of optical perfection. In an industry first, all Amora gems are cut by robot. Robotic cutting provides greater precision and supersedes human craftmanship or hand-cutting. This ensures that each Amora gem features unparalleled beauty and precision.

Amora gems have much greater brilliance than diamonds, which means that the H&A parameters have had to be completely improved and revised to account for the superior optics of this new stone. The arrows in this technique are much closer to the standard H&A diamond-cutting style, but other parameters and angles have been uniquely developed with the world’s finest modelling software. This allows us to maximise the fire and brilliance of the Amora gem.



Just like high-end diamonds, each Amora gem comes complete with its own independent grading report which allows you to find its measurements alongside:

  • Diamond alternative weight
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Other useful information
  • Amora gem certification is performed to GIA diamond grading standards, providing you with the essential parameters of your Amora Eternity H&A gem. Each Amora gem is graded just like a diamond, so that our customers know exactly what they are getting when it comes to colour, cut, carat and clarity.

    Did you know that Amora gems only previously theoretically existed around large, carbon-rich stars, and have been unavailable on earth for over four billion years? With technological advancements, star-like conditions can be reproduced here on earth, allowing for the production of Amora gems at a fraction of the annual mining output of naturally-occurring diamonds.


    Amora is the world’s latest and greatest gem. It is the first (and only) laboratory-manufactured gem to surpass diamonds in rarity, toughness, brilliance and lustre. Amora gems can match the world’s most valuable white diamonds up to D colour, while featuring internally flawless clarity. Amora gems are over a million times rarer than diamonds, based on the past ten years of diamond production vs Amora production. These alternatives to diamonds are manufactured from 50% carbon and 50% silicon and are produced in star-like conditions that would vaporise natural diamonds.

    64 Faceted Girdle
    Super Ideal Hearts and Arrows Round Cut

    64 Facets 64 facet vertical girdle.  4 girdle facets per crown facet, just  like H&A natural diamonds.  Moissanite, CZ don't facet their girdles due to the cost /time involved so it's easy to find out if you have a valuable gem. Just look at the girdle.

    Amora H&A lab-grown gems vs Diamonds: a comparison:

  • More brilliant than a diamond
  • Physically more stable than a diamond
  • Better colour than most diamonds (Amora gems are typically D, E and F on the colour scale)
  • Hearts & Arrows precision: Amora offers a better cut than 99% of round diamonds
  • Hearts and arrows precision — better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Greater purity
  • Can be 40 times cheaper than a diamond
  • Better pricing for comparable carat, cost and clarity
  • Much rarer than diamond

  • Gem properties Diamond Amora Gem
    Atomic composition 99.99% carbon 50% carbon, 50% silicon
    Brilliance (flashes of white light 2.417 2.66 - 2.71
    Fire (flashes of colored light) .044 .104+
    Hardness (resistance to scratching) 10 9.25 - 9.5
    Toughness (resistance to chipping, breakage) Good-Excellent Excellent
    H&A cut (H&A is the ultimate in round cutting) Rarely Always
    Conflict-free (conflict diamonds are diamonds sold by armed groups to fund weapons purchases) Typically Always
    Graded under GIA diamond standards Typically Always
    Environmentally friendly Varies Always
    Rarity Common One Million times rarer than Diamond

    Amora - the most brilliant gem ever

    Refractive index, or RI, is a measure of how much light is bent or slowed as it passes through a material. The higher the bending power, the greater the ability for the gem. With proper cutting, light can be re-routed back out to the observer instead of passing through the back-side of the gem, thereby creating total brilliance.
    A lower RI value means that more light will pass through the gem and create a see-through “window” zone as the gem is tilted or viewed from anything less than straight on. Light simply escapes through the back of the gem instead of being captured and returned out of the front of the stone as a sparkling display. Therefore, the refractive index of a gem is very much a measure of its potential brilliance. Optimal cutting using matching angles and symmetry can be used to maximise the RI of a gem.
    Below is a chart of the RI scores of various gems. As you can see, the Amora gem is the most brilliant of all.

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