We brings you the Amora gem - The best diamond alternative in the world. If you’ve been discouraged from purchasing a diamond due to exorbitant costs, the good news is that there’s a fantastic, affordable new alternative on the market. Amora gems cost approximately 80 percent less than diamonds, and these lab-created gemstones are manufactured from a material which has greater reflective properties than natural diamonds. In addition to this, each Amora gem is cut with ultra-extreme precision. This helps the gem to yield a brilliance which is on a par with the finest ideal-cut diamonds.

Amora is a world-first: a genuine contender as an alternative to diamond. At Adon Jewellery, we’ve been working with these incredible stones for several years, and we’re incredibly satisfied with the colour and fire they provide.

Want greater physical stability, a higher colour grade and 10% more brilliance than a standard diamond? Choose Amora. It’s the ethical, environmentally-friendly way to get the gems you and your loved one deserve – at a fraction of the cost of diamonds. Amora is the world’s latest and greatest gem, and by far the most brilliant of the 200+ silicon carbide products currently on the market. While diamond has long been the world’s most desirable gem, there can be no denying that Amora surpasses diamond in virtually every aspect of beauty and strength.

There is, of course, an alternative to buying a diamond – one which provides you with a brighter, more alluring gem than a natural diamond at a fraction of the cost. At present, there are several diamond alternatives available – some are well-known, and some are relatively undiscovered and new to the market.

Allow us to introduce you to the Eternity Amora gem – the most brilliant gemstone on earth.

When you purchase a diamond alternative, you’re getting a gem of impeccable quality with even greater properties than a natural diamond for a much lower price. You can expect a longer lifespan and the sort of sparkle you or your loved one deserves.

In these environmentally-conscious times, it’s commonplace for us to think more about the impact we have on the environment. Solar energy panels, electric cars and an industry-led focus on sustainability are just some examples of how the world is becoming more environmentally-friendly. The jewellery industry is no different, and the advancement of technology allows us to create better alternatives to diamonds, such as the Amora gem.

You can enjoy the shine and sparkle of the Amora gem for a fraction of the cost of a diamond, safe in the knowledge that not only have you saved money; you’ve also done your bit for the environment – all while enjoying the passion, beauty, brilliance and toughness of this magnificent product.

Amora gems are conflict-free and environmentally friendly, encompassing the beauty and purity of love much more than traditional, old-fashioned diamonds. Diamond companies often spend huge amounts on promotional campaigns – if you want something beautiful and pure, choose Amora instead. Don’t think of it as a compromise, think of it as an alternative to unethical diamond mining practices. It’s the new true gem of love.

Amora can be truly colourless (up to D rating) and can achieve greater fire and brilliance than diamond. It’s essentially the ultimate gemstone in terms of low cost and wonderful appearance. Why not set the trend with a beautiful Amora gem ring offset with diamonds from Adon Jewellery?

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